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Speed Pool

With this, sports channels could fit in some other sport in their Sunday afternoon line-up
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The rules are the same as regular pool. The thing is, this variation of pool is meant to be like a racing event. First, the qualifications, then the actual race. Each team of 3 to 5 players must sink, in no perticular order, all 15 balls as fast as they can, one player at a time. Hence, if player A misses, player B may only shoot when all balls are stopped. But, if player A sinks a ball, he stays until he misses. A scratch is a 5-second penalty.

After the 8-ball is sunk, the clock stops. Then, (in a 16-team tourney) the top 8 times head to the final race. the first "lap" is actually 4 quarter-final matches. Both teams have a clock. The clock is started when the player hits the cueball and stopped when all balls stop. The teams must always follow it's order. The matches are a little different. This time, the palyers must sink euther stripes OR solids. If they sink one of the opponents, balls, 5 seconds will be added to their final time. the team who sinks the 8-ball loses 10 seconds from their total time. Same thing in the semi-finals (2nd lap) and final match (3rd lap).

HomerX, Oct 16 2002


       The cue tips have a contact explosive (nitrogen or ammonium triodide) to propel the balls faster and shorten the game play a bit . . . .
bristolz, Oct 16 2002

       Pool is already like a racing event. Try sitting through 37 frames of the World Snooker Championship Final (it used to be a lot more but they reduced it because of the excessive number of people in the audience who died of old age) and then come back and tell us that pool needs speeding up.
DrBob, Oct 16 2002


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