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Spelling License

Too many questions wrong -- no license
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(+7, -4)
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Required to have a spelling license in order to publicly display words in any way. Too many public spelling violations can result in loss of license.

Grammar licenses would be good, too.

globaltourniquet, Jun 01 2001


       The spelling license gets a croissant. My expected dismal failure on a grammar license test means that gets my fishbones though, so it'll have to stay as a big fat neutral.   

       //addition: see, I missed the comma after 'big', your honour//
CoolerKing, Jun 01 2001

       ::::::writing out a violation/ticket for [ sctld ]::::::::   

       If I may approach the bench. The post by [sctld] concerning the licensing of people to use a computer is a pedant's nightmare. I demand the immediate revocation of his spelling license, your honour.
Susen, Jun 01 2001

       I'll give it a croissant only if the pedant police flame war doesn't erupt here.
snarfyguy, Jun 01 2001

       Internet message boards and the like can apply for an exemption clause based on clientele. In that light, the half-bakery's exemption clause is hereby denied.
globaltourniquet, Jun 01 2001

       Mr. Globaltourniquet:   

       Am I having some disagrees with your License For-to Commit Spellings. For Y you axis? Am thinking how verra organical and spicy is developing of English inna passed times (like Shakespeare), and sofore we should be liffing room for future developings. Imagine you if James Joyce, who commit mass-spellings very original in "Ulysses," is fine lotsa pounds for them! Is he being prettymuch broked out before publishment of it, I think. Think you of many other writers (Russell Hoban, ee cummings, Edward Lear, etc) that unconventionalize spellings and wordings. Adding to language many funny lingos and idioms are they! So for these reasonings I am suggest that License For-to Commit Spellings maybe include Poetic License as integral. Whatya think?   

       Slapdip Thwang, Professor of Etymology and Falling-Down-Stairs, Malodoran Steppe 97421
Dog Ed, Jun 02 2001

       Bye all means   

       shalle poetick license
spellynge violations of the rule
and grammarianisme to.
globaltourniquet, Jun 02 2001

       But what about all the goofy signs that say stuff like "get you're food here" or "Don't let stress kill you, let the church help," what would we do without those?
AfroAssault, Jun 03 2001

       Rods Tiger: The 'you' for 'your' is one of my most common typographical errors. My fingers just seem to know that one and perform it whenever possible. When I see it in someone else's writing I just smile to myself; it's like an old friend.
Dog Ed, Jun 04 2001


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