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place bets on whose spermatozoid wins the fight (for texas millionaires)
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The following facts are not widely known but they are true and form the basis for my crackpot idea that nobody will take seriously. 1. spermatozoids come in two varieties, those that can fertalize the egg and those that can also fight spermatozoids from other men. They look like little pacmen with a tail. I know it sounds weird but still, it is really so. Trust me on this. 2. The egg is not fertalized by the spermatozoid who "wins the race" as it were, but rather it extends a cord or line to one of the spermatozoids swimming around it. Thus the egg chooses her mate.

What I propose is this: a large casino in Las Vegas. Men with big hats, bigger ego's and fat wallets have their sperm extracted by helpfull ladies (men with big hats like the idea allready). Sperm from various participants is put together in a petrie dish and gamblers can watch what happens on a big screen. The last surviving spermatozoid is the winner. The spermatozoids can have different colours and dna tests will ensure the outcome is checked.

To make things more interesting an egg may be added... Who will it choose?

I think perhaps politicians might like to play on national television, after all we want to elect the biggest ego, don't we?

Granted, the people who want to play are of low moral standards and so am I for coming up with this idea. But hey, I'm only human and I don't even wear a hat.

zeno, Dec 28 2004


       Not to be confused with [spermware], which is either embedded code in a circuit board, or small tupperware for lab samples.
normzone, Dec 28 2004

       there are still millionaires in texas?
benfrost, Dec 29 2004

       //that nobody will take seriously// And rightly so. "ha ha sperm." [-]
contracts, Dec 29 2004

       ok. It was just my first contribution, sorry.
zeno, Dec 29 2004

       You have to admit that it's pretty yucky. No insult intended. Welcome to the Halfbakery :-)
contracts, Dec 29 2004

       This brings a whole new meaning to 'cockfighting.'
RayfordSteele, Dec 30 2004

       I admit contracts, and thanks.
zeno, Dec 31 2004

       Thanks, Zeno, it's of no interest to me except to mirror to a society that their generation has been chosen in time to deal with such moral questions that will affect the future for at least the next thousand years; so maybe it should be of interest to me.
mensmaximus, Dec 31 2004

       Supreme trivialization of life. A sure sign the end of times is near-
daseva, Jun 27 2008

       Bone! Just because I wear a big hat doesn't mean I want to sperminate a big ego child with an oprah-clinton hybrid eggo or anything! Frankly, I'm sick of the stereotype against big hat wearing people!
quantum_flux, Jun 27 2008

       //The following facts are not widely known// This is because the following facts are, in fact, bollocks.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 27 2008

       [Zeno], i didn't like your Paris Hilton idea, but this one's good. Maybe the takings from bets could help fund the child's upbringing. However, i doubt it's actually based on sound biological principles. I know sperm can be competitive, but i think they can compete within the same ejaculate, so it wouldn't be competition between separate men.
nineteenthly, Jun 28 2008

       Big condom - No sperm is sorta like Big hat - No cattle
popbottle, Apr 27 2014

       You make an outrageous mockery of the institution most vital to the continuation of our species. [+]
Voice, Apr 28 2014


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