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Take the classic board game Risk and adapt it to a location based game for a specific city. Instead of continents, individuals can take control of buildings or blocks laid out on a Google Map.
goodmars, Jul 01 2010


       There are quite a few commercial variants of Risk out there. It wouldn't surprise me if something like this has been done. Either way, I like it. [+]   

       (NB- care needs to be taken to balance out the provinces with bottlenecks & their value for cards must reflect risk/reward of conquering them for a full turn).
Jinbish, Jul 01 2010

       City Specifc Rules:   

       Boston - A dice roll determines if you end up in the target or one of the adjacent ones (navigation difficulties, trust me)   

       Los Angeles - Movement between any location requires a number of turns equal to a roll of the dice (rush hour)   

       New York - The board is a perfect grid, but you can only enter a given target from a particular direction (one way streets).   

       London - You pay a one unit tax to move into any of the central targets (congestion charge)   

       Rome - A dice roll determines if the attack goes forward or halts (finds an archaeologically significant site)
MechE, Jul 01 2010

       integrate it with foursquare
i-Mer, Jul 01 2010


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