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A physical space that recreates the real world so that we can all edit it and see what happens.
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A building is just a building until you call it a church or a hospital (or whatever).. There is need for an extreme social problem-solving device and so I developed a new kind of city building.

Originally known as "The Social Computer" the Sandbox is a space where anyone in the city can go about changing the way things are done. If they don't like the way schools are run, they now have the capacity to create their own.

This can result in bad implementations of ideas but can also result in revolutionary discoveries that may change the way things are done in the real world. The former can be seen as a failure but is a learning experience also.

There is a large volume of research and networking done on the idea and at this stage I'm confident in the idea from the day-to-day level right up to the national military strategist level.

Apart from making videos about it, and many documents - I had (from 2001-2005) been trying to implement a prototype in Holland. This resulted in my being ripped off by the local council and left penniless.

Clearly I didn't have the strength to implement such a big idea with so few resources and such a small team. Since then I've explored dozens of ways to implement the idea at a more realistic level.

These ideas of realising the Sandbox range from a documentary movie to a city-festival. Prototype events and Culture-laboratories. At this stage I'm hoping that there are others that would help out somehow.

mr pras, Oct 18 2011

2010 Teaser video from Global Forum in Washington DC http://vimeo.com/29880440
Some influential people talk about their thoughts on the Sandbox concept [mr pras, Oct 18 2011]

Sandbox Blog http://www.civilsandbox.com/
A range of content I made over the last few years with documents, videos and other random items of interest [mr pras, Oct 18 2011]

Facebook page http://www.facebook...box/116409418379361
Facebook page [mr pras, Oct 18 2011]




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