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The problem with socks is putting them on insideout, yes?

Enter sphocks, sphere socks. Basically a closed off tube twice the lenght of normal socks with fabric only half as thick. Just push one end of the sphock into the other and insert foot.

Like two socks sewn together where you put your feet in.

Sphock because I can't make a word out of tube/cylinder and sock. Also because I originally thought of this because of a deflated basketball becomes a bowl.

DesertFox, Sep 15 2006

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       [+] clever, very clever.
Custardguts, Sep 15 2006

       How mobius-like. Do they come half black half white, so I can use the same socks for work and play?
Shz, Sep 15 2006

       Very clever mister Sphock.
zeno, Sep 16 2006

       Not as brilliantly unhinged as klein bottle socks, but a lot more practical.
wagster, Sep 16 2006

       What the three annos before this one said [+].
normzone, Sep 16 2006

       [+] for the name.
elhigh, Sep 24 2006


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