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Spoon Socks

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socks with an over sized plastic spoon sewn into the body of the sock in front of the toes.

the purpose is to enable scooping of things with ones feet.

list of things to spoon with spoon socks soup ice cream water from puddles or bodies of water gravel, sand or soil bugs feed a large animal anything that is scoopable

vfrackis, Oct 03 2012

Shoe Horny Shoe_20Horny
[normzone, Oct 03 2012]


       you'll need spoon shoes.
po, Oct 03 2012

       I've got an idea that's in that neighborhood (link).
normzone, Oct 03 2012

       Shoe Horny is Awesome
vfrackis, Oct 03 2012

       Could have one spoon attached to each toe of the socks for ten-spoon-spooning-action.
pocmloc, Oct 03 2012

       Product:general is just a ridiculous category for this.
Fashion:hosiery:socks might work a litte better.

       I even like the idea if I was just out and about with my socks on or even for at home whilst cleaning the kitty litter box.
xandram, Oct 04 2012

       If this were a robust spoon, one could put weight forward on the toes and use this to slide across smooth surfaces.
bungston, Oct 04 2012

       That would require a rigid toe holster of some kind fabricated into the toe section of the sock.
vfrackis, Oct 04 2012


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