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Tom Cruisin' Socks

socks with teflon soles and grippy toes for a running start.
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Note: if you don't understand the title, watch the movie "Risky Business" and read the annos on the "whee shocks" post. Thanks Nomocrow, for the grippy toes suggestion!
21 Quest, Jul 05 2010

socks with grippers? http://www.google.c...T_en%26tbs%3Disch:1
[xandram, Jul 06 2010]

Vibram Fivefingers http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/
like these? [Spacecoyote, Jul 06 2010]


       Also check out the youtube video of the girl falling while doing a "risky business" sock slide.
xaviergisz, Jul 06 2010

       I've seen it. Risky indeed!
21 Quest, Jul 06 2010

       I've always wanted socks that'll help me become an amateur pimp.
DrWorm, Jul 07 2010

       You gotta have sole.
21 Quest, Jul 07 2010

       @ spacecoyote, it's a little disturbing that later in the same day you posted that link, I opened my mail and found and REI catalog with the exact same product on the back cover.
21 Quest, Jul 08 2010

       - not disturbing at all, when you consider all the links you've seen here to things which you then haven't seen soon afterwards in a catalogue. It was bound to happen sometime.
hippo, Jul 08 2010


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