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Spiderman jumping castle.

No need for radio active spiders.
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After watching the new spiderman movie I was over come with the desire to be able to swing through the city on bits of web and climb up the side of large buildings. Now my dream can become a reality with my spiderman themed jumping castle, this castle would be in a city scape theme with buildings and streets, (it would obviously have to be larger than your average jumping castle.) The sides of the buildings would be covered in velcro so that by wearing velcro gloves, shoes and kneepads you could scale the buildings with ease just like spidey himself. Once at the top of the buildings you would find your self with 2 options, 1) grab onto the rope and swing across to another building or, 2) run like mad towards the edge and hurl yourself over the edge to either grab onto the building on the otherside of the street, or plummet to the street below only to bounce back into the air and gymnasticly grab onto an overhanging street lamp. This may have to be built indoors as a permanent fixture due to the obvious structual difficulties in making a jumping castle of this size, even if its not possible it would be the most fun since those dodgey jumping castles that I used to jump on at the fair.
Gulherme, Jul 29 2002

(?) Bar fly jumping http://www.funnstuff.co.uk/hire.htm
Check out the penultimate item in the list. Great fun! [Mayfly, Jul 30 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Awww isn't anyone going to annotate my idea?
Gulherme, Jul 29 2002

       I will. I talked to a 40 sumpin year old Spiderman freak about this and he said....and I quote...


       so I'm voting for it on his behalf.
Helium, Jul 29 2002

       Might be easier to do on the Moon or some such.
phoenix, Jul 29 2002

       There is scope for adult bouncy castles. I've not been allowed on one since I was 14 (many, many years ago) and this the one aspect of aging I'm really not coming to terms with. Have a croissant.
namaste, Jul 29 2002

       When I was 14, bouncy castles didn't exist.
angel, Jul 29 2002

       There is apparently a teenage playground near my house that is pretty cool, I may have to go there and do some research. Bouncy castles kick ass, it would be awsome to put one in a club but a bitch for anybody having to clean up the spew/spilt drinks ect, the spew collar could come in handy in this situation.
Gulherme, Jul 30 2002

       As an evil genius, I'd rather lob the flaming pumpkins, OK?
spartanica, Jul 30 2002

       Croissant for you, I do so love jumping castles.
madradish, Jul 30 2002

       Bungee climbing webee thingees and bungee harnesses
polartomato, Jul 30 2002

       The streets are just like the floor of a jumping castle but in a street theme, maby they could have giant inflated cars and stuff, its all one big inflated sack of air.
Gulherme, Jul 30 2002

       Baked - I've actually used one of these at a motorcycle rally.   

       see the link.
Mayfly, Jul 30 2002

       Yeah yeah that looks cool, although its not quite the same idea, you see the jumping castle I imagine would be HUGE, none of this 12ft stuff, like a massive jumping castle about the size of an indoor gymnasium with inflated vertical colums covered in velcro that you can climb up instead of stick yourself too, there would be bungee style cords that you can attach yourself too once your at the top of a colum to swing around spidey style untill you can grab a hold of another colum and climb your way back to the top, if you fall you will just bounce harmlessly off the inflated floor. It would also be an indoor jumping castle.
Gulherme, Jul 30 2002

       RE: Mayfly's link - Something about an "adult clown bouncy castle" makes my skin crawl. It just doesn't sound right.

Also, I read somewhere that a 1foot by 1 foot square of velcro would be more then enough surface area to suspend a 250 lb person. If you had velcro on your hands, knees, and feet how hard would it be to move around?
barnzenen, Aug 15 2002

       I don't want to admit that I like this idea, just from the weird "adult jumping castle" aspect of the whole thing, but the Paint ball playing, mountain climbing part of me absolutely loves it. Rig it up with some wrist propelled silly string canisters to do battle with some lazer tag villans, or flower bomb weilding, paint ball toting mercenaries, and I'm there. Throw in a couple of strategicaly placed trampolines, and a waver to be signed by participants and you may be on to something.   

       This is a great idea. It would probably be really fun to do this
firebyrd, Dec 13 2002


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