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Treengle Gym

kind of like Deciduous Gym but not real
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Treengle Gym is a something that artifically estimates an environment of tree branches for swing play. This is not made from real trees like Deciduous Gym, but from bendy, springy metal with foam and hard rubber coating. Treegle Gym could be made in the form of one giant pine-type tree with many off-hanging bendy branches, or with many tree- like forms allowing for travel through the skein of branches via swinging.
JesusHChrist, Dec 04 2014

Jungle Gym swinging https://www.faceboo...3699&type=2&theater
[JesusHChrist, Dec 04 2014]

Deciduous Gym Deciduous_20Gym
[JesusHChrist, Dec 04 2014]




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