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Spiderman Danger Sense using and AI and infrasound
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Create a "Spidey Sense" as in the Spiderman comic that gives a subliminal warning of danger based on an AI threat analysis using infrasound. Infrasound frequencies give us a "creepy" feeling. Of course an out and out alert should be issued in the presence if immanent danger; this would be for possible danger, alerting you to proceed with caution. For example, when driving by a west Texas fertilizer plant. Here is an article about infrasound: see link

One teeny, tiny detail that needs to get solved is how to build an AI.

After being shot down for using "magic" I had a second thought. Just build in infrasound into "warning" or "danger" signs. Or "peligro" signs ... would work on foreigners who don't speak the language for example.

And powered by a small perpetual motion machine ... or cold fusion device, but that's not as practical because the fusion fuel would have to be replaced every 100 years out so. Or solar, but that's unlikely because there would be too much political opposition.

terryo, May 10 2014

Infrasound Article http://www.nbcnews....ked-spooky-effects/
[terryo, May 10 2014]

Embodied knowledge http://www.stanford...2/text/collins.html
[Voice, May 11 2014]

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       Yeah, AI gets thrown around here a lot but you may as well substitute the word magic. As a matter of fact, that would be a useful app for the halfbakery - just default which words show as magic.
normzone, May 11 2014

       ok. Maybe this could be built into your typical "warning" sign and then transmit the warning over BLE or something wireless like that. Not as effective, but a decent substitute while we wait for a strong AI (how hard can it be!?! What the heck. This is taking SOOOO long). I'm considering this to be a realistic super power. Or ... build in the infrasound into the sign itself! then it is self contained. Should I submit that as a separate idea?
terryo, May 11 2014

       [terryo], you started off great with your son's underwater space station idea. But after the last paragraph of this idea, I'm going to have to recommend another trip to the help file, over there on the left under meta.   

       Don't be discouraged. My first idea here failed to meet the rudimentary criteria of this site, and I had to come up to speed before I learned how to color within the exceedingly broad lines of this site.
normzone, May 11 2014

       [bigsleep] - I'd contact you offline but your user page has no method of contact listed.   

       So I have to do it here. No, that's news to me. Can you back that up with some links? I'll go google, but as far as I know there's nothing that meets that description. There's some ELIZA variants that might mimic it, but if there's operating examples then they snuck it past me.   

       And the help file addresses perpetual motion, and cold fusion is still smoke and mirrors.
normzone, May 11 2014

       Infrasound [+]
Voice, May 11 2014

       [bigsleep] the problem is that in the absence of a signal reliably recognizing danger is a hard AI problem. We're just not there yet and won't be for another four years (for a supercomputer) or eight years (for a smartphone app)   

       "common sense" is just now starting to work in experimental systems and hasn't been integrated into a worldview. Word clouds don't a reliable sensor make.
Voice, May 11 2014

       [marked-for-deletion] no idea. magic.   

       AI's of the magnitude proposed haven't been developed, nor will they be in the forseeable future, rampant as they may appear in fiction.   

       Unless the idea is "mount a LF generator on warning signs" which requires no AI element, and is a bad idea (though that's irrelevant).   

       The idea could work as part of a story involving an AI that travelled through the 'net, or was an android, that used its deductive powers and infrasound generator to scare people.
FlyingToaster, May 11 2014

       [bigsleep] 3D graphics and translating Russian is nothing against the computing power needed to maintain situational awareness via mapping, pattern recognition, and general knowledge. Pending much better understanding of how to build an intelligence that ability is beyond today's most powerful computers.   

       These patterns aren't simple and they aren't small. We're not talking about 5 GB of data, we're talking about 50 TB of data and the ability to process it.   

       Do it by rules and you'll soon be searching a petabyta-large database of possible dangers, distances, timing, entities, aggravating or alleviating factors, and the human condition.   

       edit: words
Voice, May 11 2014

       The radar detector in my automobile could qualify as AI under these rules.   

       When a live source of radar signal is detected, it hollers bloody murder.   

       I don't think of it as either artificial or intelligent however, because it also goes off for the sensors that open/close doors on the markets beside the road, and increasingly so for the systems on the high end autos that are supposed to warn you when you're getting too close to something, which use the same frequency.   

       I can only imagine how useless that system is inside the car ahead of me, because if it goes off with the same frequency and intensity of my radar detector, then it's either a blinking light ignored or a continual squalling.   

       Bad fruit and foreign bodies on the production line is image analysis and comparison with tolerance values added. I guess I'd call it AI or trainable neural networks if I was selling on commission or held the patent.   

       My expectations for "artificial intelligence" are pretty flexible as regards artificial and very strict as regards intelligence.   

       When they get it to where it can be persuaded to vote for the creepier of the two candidates, then they're close. Even closer when it can figure out it's own interests and vote accordingly.
normzone, May 12 2014

       I'm still trying to work out why Spiderman doesn't have 8 limbs...spiders have 8, so why doesn't he...he's just Biped-man.
not_morrison_rm, May 12 2014

       I presume that [terryo] is simply having a bit of fun with the last paragraph. Don't worry [terryo], some people simply have to have the joke explained to them.
RayfordSteele, May 12 2014

       Yeah. Just kidding around with the perpetual motion machine and fusion generator! Sorry to get everyone's hackles up. As for the AI, I think that a weaker version would be o.k. -- for example something like a google search on known EPA hazards in the area, drowning deaths in the past year, muggings, shootings, etc. could give a decent threat analysis.
terryo, May 14 2014

       So every time I drive by a location where there was a car crash and somebody died, a little device by the side of the road would make the hair on the back of my neck stand up? You could market that to the people who place roadside shrines where their loved ones perished. Package it inside a candle or bouquet of plastic flowers.   

       Eventually these would become so ubiquitous and annoying you could begin marketing the shielding device or jammer also.
normzone, May 14 2014

       I find myself intrinsically aware of power lines in some kind of creepy way.
RayfordSteele, May 14 2014

       I make radios freak out and street lights die.
I reserve the hairs on the back of my neck for when I'm being looked at thank-you-very-much.

       Pretty soon that'll be all the hairs I have left so I think that plan is going well.   


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