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Splatter Painting

"Pop" art...
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First there are strings. These strings are attached to a ceiling and spaced at about 1 inch (or so) intervals to create a fairly tight matrix of dangling strings of varying lengths.

Secondly, there are small latex balloons filled with paint of various colors: These are dangling from the strings, one per string.

Finally, on the floor below this mob of hanging, paint filled balloons is a really large canvas.

As time passes, each of the small latex balloons would gradually decay and pop, spilling the paint in that balloon onto the canvas below. Little by little, the image would emerge on the canvas.

Optional BB gun for the seriously impatient.

zigness, Jan 19 2006


       Can I use a Samurai sword?
DrCurry, Jan 19 2006

       It seems to me that this one is missing a certain pinata-type element.
DocBrown, Jan 19 2006

       Would make a better installation than painting, I think.
calum, Jan 19 2006

       do they pop or just wither and shrink? add some kind of random dart throwing machine or a few birds with sharp beaks?
po, Jan 19 2006

       FYI, most artists hat Jackson Pollack. Classical artists hate him because they say it has no talent while modern artists hate him because it has no thought process.   

       This I think does have the thought process in it but has an element of 'lets see what will happen'.   

       Could produce a nice effect though
miasere, Jan 19 2006

       I wonder if I could mix oil and water? Hmmm.
zigness, Jan 19 2006

       I've seen one of those people who tie acrylic-paint bottles upside down and punch holes in their lides while swinging them around. People call it art and pay thousands of dollars for them. I dont know why.   

       So +
DesertFox, Jan 19 2006

       Pinata Pollocks anyone?
zigness, Jan 20 2006

       This idea needs the addition of a few frisky kittens
simonj, Nov 12 2007


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