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The Great Colouring In Wall Of China Book In 495 Volumes

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Adult colouring in books are very popular, but few represent any real challenge until the introduction of: The Great Wall Of China, Advanced Colouring In Book(s).

The Great Wall Of China has been measured as being 13,171 miles long when all of its branches are included, (wiki) and the colouring in book(s) cover every inch of it, front, back and aerial view.

The books come as 500 pages long, in landscape format, with each double A4 page representing a length approximately equivalent to that of a 50 foot section. My more learned technically minded colleagues on the halfbakery will kindly make the correct scales/page calculations.

The immensity of the meandering wall means that many volumes of the colouring in books are required to contain every detailed inch of the formidable construction. A second complete set covers the 'back' of the wall, and a third set outlines the detail of the actual walking surface. Every single brick, gap, crack, piece of rubble, blade of grass, etc is meticulously outlined in fine black lines, ready for colouring in.

Completion of every aspect of the process is probably a lifetime's work.... wonder if I can get a kick starter to get it under way? Ha.

Other walls and border lines under consideration for similar ventures

xenzag, Jan 09 2016

The Great Wall of China https://en.wikipedi...Great_Wall_of_China
[xenzag, Jan 09 2016]

Colouring books for adults https://www.waterst...-booksellers-colour
Now on best sellers lists! [xenzag, Jan 09 2016]


       Quick calculation: 13,171 miles = 69,542,880"   

       At a scale of 72:1 and using A4 landscape double page spreads, with no image bleed at edges, printed front and back = 965,873" of total image = 82,623 pages = 165 volumes of 500 page books   

       = 495 books in total to cover front, back and aerial views. (please feel free to offer a correction)
xenzag, Jan 09 2016

       They'll like it more if you increase the resolution for a cool 1 million frames. Or just add 50,000 related pictures, such as topological maps and different views of the wall.
Voice, Jan 09 2016

       I hear it's meditative. Coloring that is.   

       The joke here is the enormity. But I am thinking of a Great Wall coloring book where it is always the Wall, but it is not monotonous. One page with the wall seen from above. One from atop the wall, with a colorful group of tourists. One section, empty of humans, being reclaimed by nature with flowering trees and vines. The wall in winter, drifted with snow. A closeup with detail of the stonework. The wall in the distance with two shy kids in the foreground. The wall as reflected in a pond. An 18th century painting of the wall (can I google one?).
bungston, Jun 26 2016

       [+] hah, missed it first time'round.
FlyingToaster, Jun 26 2016

       //At a scale of 72:1//   

       Why?????? 1:1, surely?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 26 2016


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