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Split Voting

To Represent Perspectivally-Dependent Opinion
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Some ideas are clearly bad, some clearly good.

But there are others that are good from one perspective, bad from another. One idea posted today struck me this way - it was good from a retailer's perspective, but really bad from a consumer's. I won't link it because the specifics don't really matter.

Granted, this sort of thing is probably rare, and I admit that I don't vote on all ideas, even when I have a definite opinion. But it would be nice to indicate this biperspspectival nature of some ideas. A neutral vote squashes the two together, not respecting the validity of the opposing views.

I guess that's what the commentary allows for, huh?

And I must admit that I'm usually more interested in the commentary to an idea than I am in the voting (even on my own ideas).

Comments, anyone?
quarterbaker, Jan 17 2002


       A: biperspspectival gets me to stuttering too.
B: I always look forward to Seeing_Something with the Third_Eye. Rare, but it happens - The Third_Eye sees a detail which would make something bakeable - others might have missed it. Sometimes others - like Rods - will see the vision and say "Hie thee to a Patent Attorney" where I am blind.
C: Voting is such an abstract thing - some things could never possibly happen, yet it looks like a tribble reunion. The natural beauty of the halfbakery is not only in the well-laid yet informal table which jutta has prepared for us to smorgasbord on, or instant gratification of 0's and 1's flying to and fro, but the fact we are able to split the very same hairs which we mentally floss ourselves and each other with. Rinse and repeat all you want, the kitchen's split sink is never empty.
thumbwax, Jan 18 2002

       I, too, would like a way of saying that I neither agree nor disagree with an idea, but that I've considered it. Unfortunately, this has been discussed to death without an equitable solution.
phoenix, Jan 18 2002

       i like this. there should be a neutral button that lets you put half your vote into for and half into against. that way if everyone sees both sides of your issue, you'll still get votes so you know they'e read it
flyfast, Jun 07 2003


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