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The Muzzle Vote

Bun, Bone, Duct Tape
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Occasionally a poster comes along who can't shut up. A debate begins and becomes heated. He (or she) can't let it go. He has an angle on your idea and insists that everyone see it his way. And the more he has to explain it to your tiresome, idiotic brain, the more strident and insulting he becomes.

Screw that. Slap the Duct Tape vote on him. Five or more and he's locked out for a week.

Oops, just realized: in this case I'm using "muzzle" as a verb. Sorry for any vagueness.

elhigh, Apr 17 2008


       Nah, I have a much better idea...
DrBob, Apr 17 2008

       I never filter, but I have been tempted.
wagster, Apr 17 2008

       Does your idea have a government-mandated seven-day waiting period?
elhigh, Apr 17 2008

       I like it (+). The filter seems so permanent and leaves no room for redemption.
MisterQED, Apr 17 2008

       This seems reasonable...+
xandram, Apr 17 2008

       I don't understand it... could you explain it more? Is it a new kind of tape that makes a slapping noise?
xenzag, Apr 17 2008

       A button to quickly append a filter would be welcome.   

       halfbakery has more of a food (croissant) and anti-food (fishbone) rating system. Instead of tape, may I suggest a pie (cream, custard...) as an appropriate quieting agent?   

       There’s one particularly annoying member that we all should filter out, he/she is such a jerk. "Gnat" something -- the name escapes me.
Amos Kito, Apr 17 2008

       I have an angle on your idea and insist that everyone see it my way. I'd defer to [Jutta]'s wishes.   

       I was disappointed that this didn't have something to do with guns. Blunderbusses, perhaps.
normzone, Apr 18 2008

       "Blunderbusses" = "Sloppy snogging?"
elhigh, Apr 18 2008

       Make it ten and you'll have my bun; 5 leaves too much room for groupthink.
Voice, Apr 18 2008


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