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Top Annotations

Often the annotations are what make the idea
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Croissants and fishbones for annotations. The top 5 annotations would be at the top of the annotations section and there would be some kind of divider between the tops and the rest to make it plenty clear. The rest of the comments would remain in chronological order. Sufficiently fishboned annotations (maybe a score of -3) would be collapsed just as unpopular comments are on YouTube.
Joolin, Oct 22 2009

Previous wish for voting on annotations. Vote_20on_20Annos
Without moving them around, though. [jutta, Oct 22 2009]


       I suppose that the annos get recognised under the croissant!   

       I doubt if anything I've ever said is etched there...   

       how long have you hung around before commenting?
po, Oct 22 2009

       Voting: This is a small-enough community to not really need this - but if we were as big as e.g. slashdot, I think that's a realistic idea.   

       Moving things around: Sometimes, annotations don't work out of context - I think this would require a separate selection mechanism (perhaps controlled by the idea owner), and shouldn't happen just in response to people liking what someone says.
jutta, Oct 22 2009

       If voting on annos were implemented, it might be nice to have the top 5 displayed in a different text color.
goldbb, Oct 22 2009

       [Arrives Out Of Breath] Phew! Just in time to be one of the top 5 annos. Magic!
DrBob, Oct 23 2009

       AAAAAAAAAAAAAunless the annos are sorted alphabetically
hippo, Oct 23 2009

       _I'd like to start this thread by saying, why don't we order the annotations alphabetically?
theleopard, Oct 23 2009

       __That would be ridiculous, plus, you prefixed your sentence with an underscore, which isn't in the alphabet. You seem to be suggesting that we order things in terms of their ASCII character codes.
zen_tom, Oct 23 2009

       ____Tom, you're messing up the thread.
theleopard, Oct 23 2009

       _____But I haven't said anything yet!
zen_tom, Oct 23 2009

       __________Before we start, I'd like to say that everything [zen_tom] says should be stricken from the record, so that we can have an intelligible conversation. In fact, the next annotation would be my reaction, should he hijack the thread.
theleopard, Oct 23 2009

       ZZZZZZ In this case, would it not be best to have your anno last?
MikeOliver, Oct 23 2009

       _I_ I'm glad to see that theleopard has given me total control over his views.The first of his views that I'd like to express is that this is a fabulous idea and that he would like to send Joolin a large postal order.
DrBob, Oct 25 2009


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