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Hardware spell-checker
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It has a USB or PS/2 female port (depending on the type of keyboard), and a short cable with a matching male connector. It contains a hardware keylogger, and a removable Flash memory card (such as an SD card). The keylogger, which logs a limited number of keystrokes, intercepts the data coming from the keyboard, and checks it against the database stored on the Flash memory. After it has been checked and corrected, it sends the data on.
The device also has a small buzzer on it, which beeps when the data that is being sent cannot be autocorrected for some reason. Also, via the USB or PS/2 cable, the database on the spellchecker can be updated.
Additionally, stored on the Flash memory is a password list, so that all of your passwords can travel with you. The passwords are automatically added to the spellchecker's database, so they don't come up as typos. So, the keyboard plugs into the spellchecker, which checks the spelling or beeps and also can provide your passwords, and the spellchecker plugs into the PS/2 or USB port.
Ohiojoe, Feb 26 2006


       +, but the question is how many peeple reely carre abuot thier speeling anymoor.
roleohibachi, Feb 26 2006

       + -- I like the idea of a personal spelling dictionary that travels with you, because people put a lot of effort into building their spelling data for all the specialized stuff they care about.
allterrainbrain, Feb 26 2006


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