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soft, lap-mounted split keyboard

soft split keyboard that is strapped on to your laps/thighs
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We've all seen those soft cloth keyboards that are sold for PDA users - but I think that it was put on the shelves half-baked. Why not expand the idea such that it becomes wireless, is split in two, and each side of it is mounted the users' laps/thighs? Make it in a durable, easy to clean fabric with a light-weight rechargeable power-source. It can be so portable that it can be used for all sorts of computers (with attached wireless adapter), notebooks / PDAS (built-in wireless adapter)
teh_ice, Mar 18 2004

http://blog.makezin.../keyboardPants2.jpg [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 16 2010]


       Well, all I can say is hurray for you and for halfbakery.com!!!   

       I thought of a no-neck-pain, no-shoulder-to-wrist-injuring keyboard you could use without caring about the notice: 'experts cannot guarantee or prevent against any kind of damage caused by the keyboard, not even from the correct use of this one'.   

       So, splitting it into two halves and orienting them the 'ergonomic' way seems the best method for both: keeping the fast-typing guys happy AND preventing damage from maintainance of a non-natural position of your forearms, neck, back AND feet!! etc.   

       Congratulations! Should be baked as fast as a frozen bimbo seed (4:01 A.M. -> 4:03 A.M. Ding!) Wake up! Toasts & keyboards are all you need to get set!
mayihave, Jul 27 2007

       Machine washable?
ed, Jul 27 2007

       Very good. Now look what you've done. [link]   


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