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Sponsor a Student

pay penniless students to advertise your stuff.
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A company pays students to advertise for them. The student gets given a starter kit from the company, including, a bag or a t-shirt. They are also given a book of tokens. To get paid they have to send people to the company- where the tokens come in. Every token is linked to a sponsored student and when one is used the student gets a small amount of commission and the customer gets a little bit of money off the product. The more people you send to the shop the more money the student gets and the more money the company gets.
piratemeggy, Jan 20 2009


       This is fine, until it turns into a pyramid scheme, because the students are all spening 10 times as much as they would notmally to get <10% commission, as they're going to their mate's company to return the favour of their mates going to theirs.
Skrewloose, Jan 20 2009


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