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Streaming Commercials Website

clear your conscience
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Feeling guilty about downloading and watching the latest hit movie or TV show ? or the rerun that wasn't on when you felt like watching it ?

Now you can assuage that guilt:

Rights owners post on a site listing the media product and linking to the commercials they would expect a consumer to sit through to watch the product in various definition standard formats. Consumers enter their approximate geographic area, to get the commercials blend that's right for them; for the more popular shows visitors could even choose from a number of different sponsors.

Rights owners get paid by advertisers who get their commercials watched/listened to, while not even having to pay for the bandwidth to show the movie or show, and you don't have any guilt about sneaking that episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun you missed 17 years ago, off the 'net.

True thief mentalities won't visit the site because they'll think it's a RIAA trap.

(To those in the US, this for the rest of the world who, after jumping through hoops to watch a show legally on the 'net, get met with "This show is not available for your geographic area")

FlyingToaster, Mar 27 2010

legitdownload.com Paid by users, without ads - for older movies. [pashute, Jun 07 2010]


       there's a bit of flack over local cable operators subbing in local commercials. This way the media owners could deal directly with local advertisers or their reps. § x1
FlyingToaster, Mar 27 2010

       love the idea
RichardT, Mar 28 2010


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