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Spooky Desk-Hand

A device for keeping your desk tidy
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My desk is not tidy. It's got everything imaginable on it, circling the bottom of my computer like the enthusiastic worshippers of a god. I have drawers under the desk, but I never seem to get around to using them. I need a Desk- Hand.

A desk fitted with this device looks like any other, apart from a clearly marked zone near its edge, and just above the drawer. This zone has a series of small bristles barely protruding through a matrix of holes in its surface.

To activate the Desk-Hand, one only needs place a paper or small object within the zone, so that the bristles are disturbed. Almost immediately, the drawer underneath quietly slides open and the spooky hand emerges mechanically from below, and gently pulls the offending material into the drawer.

Different styles of hands are available, according to your taste, and appropriate to the type of work you do.

Idea is based on the old children's toy where a skeleton hand retrieved a coin placed on an activating prong. (see link)

xenzag, Oct 05 2006

Coffin Bank Toy http://www.coolstuf...ic-coffin-bank.html
Think the older verisons where much nicer [xenzag, Oct 05 2006]


       It might be best (sales-wise) if it's something you can add to a desk, with the bristles on a thin mat, rather than an integral part of the desk.   

       Either way, it's brilliant. I would buy this in an instant. +
imaginality, Oct 05 2006

       What happens when body parts are placed in the area. Is this an optional extra?   

webfishrune, Oct 05 2006

       the thing to avoid is resting your hand on the zone, or it ends up in the drawer as well.
xenzag, Oct 05 2006


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