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"Do not fold, spindle or mutilate" HA!
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This device efficiently and entertainingly:

For demonstration porpoises, this example is outdoors. As always put on your goggles and wager amongst yourselves:

An ordinary AOL CD in plein aire:


& spindled...

Vioilia! mutilated
' ' . . ; ' '
thumbwax, Jul 25 2002

(?) Wood Chipper http://www.valbysales.com/newpage6.htm
[DrCurry, Jul 25 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Not a rant then, eh?
TwoSheds, Jul 25 2002

       No. Absolutely not a rant. The idea itself has nothing to do whatsoever with AOL or it's CD's. The CD's were available, as always. It could just as easily been an entire set of law books, but I didn't want to, nor do I have the time nor the wherewithal to go dumpster diving or breaking and entering for law books.
thumbwax, Jul 25 2002

       Yes but can it fragment or in crease memory? Can it crash or boot a disk?
FarmerJohn, Jul 25 2002

       Dunno, just 'cuz.
FarmerJohn, Jul 25 2002

       He gets more Scottish by the day.
po, Jul 25 2002

       [thumbwax] You forgot 'staple', 'tear' and 'punch'.
phoenix, Jul 25 2002

       How I longed for a spinilater in yesteryear, when packages read "Do not fold, spindle or mutilate."
thumbwax, Jul 26 2002

       I believe that the Post Office (or is it Consignia? or The Royal Mail?) have one of these devices. As a matter of routine, their operatives always examine packages which say 'Do Not Bend' with this machine.
DrBob, Jul 26 2002

       As usual, I should have noted that detail about viewer-friendliness. It is a beautiful thing to see. I wish I had my flash program installed on this computer to illustrate every one of my ideas, but I'm quite busy writing, and any web design has to wait. As it is, because of the trolls, I've removed my email and web page addresses from my profile page, so as not to be trolled/hacked/infected/spammed. A shame, really - as my web page should be visited often *snicker*
thumbwax, Jul 26 2002

       Never fear, 'wax, I have it bookmarked, and visit often.
angel, Jul 26 2002

       Mephista: Accroding to the dictionary, to spindle is not what woman does to a man, "Wrap...around your finger," but what a man does to a woman, "To impale or perforate on a spindle."
FarmerJohn, Jul 26 2002


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