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RPMS (Rocket Propelled Messaging system).

3...2...1... POP!
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Okay, so you gotta talk to the guy in the next cubicle, but you can't get up, you have too much to do. So what do you do? You get ROCKET POWER! You strap you message/memo to a model rocket countdown and LAUNCH! Useing a GPS system, and employee tags the rocket goes to ceiling hieght, the movable fins level her out. As it goes toward its destination, the liquid fuel rocket runs out of juice and little winglets come out, and the rocket glide to the correct cubicle. You use more fuel to reach, say the boss, on the 3,000th floor. But for your buddy right next to you, all you need is a few drops of fuel!

Just think, people just a trigger away...

Morbius2, Feb 26 2003

Blowpipe http://www.britains...lands/b-weapons.htm
About a quarter of the way down the page. Heavy to carry. [8th of 7, Oct 21 2004]


       Possible fire risk. Will also have problems with doors. I still prefer pneumatic tubes.
pottedstu, Feb 27 2003

       ...... message blowpipe ?
8th of 7, Feb 27 2003

       Fold your message up into a paper aeroplane and launch. Same effect, less fire hazard.
DrBob, Feb 27 2003

       I figured we had already created e-mail
Undergaepunk, Feb 27 2003

       Flood building, send message in bottle.
thumbwax, Feb 28 2003

       Does GPS work inside buildings?
angel, Feb 28 2003

       Sometimes. Depends on the receiver, the antenna system, the building structure, and the number and postion of the visible "birds". It's not reliable.
8th of 7, Feb 28 2003

       Di's idea sounds a little noisy. I would formulate an elaborate system of handsignals, communicated by magnifying mirrors at regular intervals.
pottedstu, Feb 28 2003

       Looks like a job for a tiny little muli-stop roller coaster.
Zircon, Feb 28 2003


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