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Spotter's guide in pubic hair

Shave pubic hair into various outlines. Publish for reference.
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In a number of fields, it is useful to know the outlines of certain things.

Aircraft, animal tracks, birds, etc.

Teaching people these outlines is sometimes of great use. In WWII, the armed forces comissioned decks of playing cards with aircraft outlines on them in order to increase familiarity with the shape of incoming aircraft. Sometimes, environmental groups distribute charts with various animal tracks, or bird outlines in order to get the public onboard with efforts to better identify certain species.

These efforts of course all suffer from certain drawbacks. Unless the outlines are published on something you'll be looking at a lot, few people will recognize the shape. Unless a well-funded organization is distributing the published outline shapes, distribution is unlikely to be common, and if your organization is just handing out papers with the various outlines as a charity, there is a good chance that nobody will check them out.

What to do? Isn't the answer obvious? Include porn, and your outlines become instantly interesting to over 50% of the adult population (not to mention the attraction to minors, some of whom may actively seek it out despite legal restrictions.)

I propose that in situations where outlines are important to remember, pornographic photoshoots be undertaken, with various would-be starlets shaving their nether-hairs into the various pertinent outlines.

A semi-public portion of a website would provide clear photographs of the outlines one wishes to distribute. Close proximity to the genitalia of the starlet should ensure reasonably wide distribution of the pertinent outline, and some repeated examination of the shape.

A paid portion of the site would feature more extensive photographs of the starlet, allowing for repeated exposure to the shaved outline for better memorizing that shape. The various acts she would engage in ought also to ensure a profit for this plan, and thereby, greater distribution of additional shapes.

After a few weeks, the various starlets could recoup their hair enough to be re-trimmed in order to display some other outline.

Spotter's guides in pubic hair could be shaved to provide familiarity with the outlines of various things: -Different makes of airplane. -Different types of birds. -Different projectile point types. -Leaf shapes of various useful plants. -Umm... yeah...

Additionally, the various designs might spark interest in new pubic hair designs among the general public, providing for somewhat more entertainment in certain bedrooms.

ye_river_xiv, May 04 2012


       No matter how hard I try, I simply can't find a single reason why this idea shouldn't earn my bun. Job well done.
Alterother, May 04 2012

       The voices in your head have been particulalrly loud and insistent today, haven't they…?
8th of 7, May 04 2012

       Unfortunately, they haven't been, else I'd be off writing instead of lurking around the 'Bakery.
Alterother, May 04 2012

       'Captain, I believe we're in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle'
MaxwellBuchanan, May 04 2012

       Another odd entry. I'm speechless.
blissmiss, May 04 2012

       If you really, really wanted to do this idea <sighs> for some reason......you'd have to include merkin spoofing.
not_morrison_rm, May 04 2012

       rug samples.
FlyingToaster, May 04 2012

       If recent Al-Qaeda news got you onto this line of thinking then they have even more to answer for than I had realised
oscil8, May 05 2012

       It's more of a... coffee table, book.   

       I thought this would be a guide to what interested parties might care to spot and ID in their pubic hair.
po, May 05 2012

       Sort of a mini-forensic kit for home use, po?
blissmiss, May 05 2012

       Hopefully this is somewhat more to your liking than a spotter's guide *for use* in pubic hair?
ye_river_xiv, May 05 2012

Boss, the 'plane, the 'plane!
UnaBubba, May 05 2012

       I worked with someone and his tattoo said "tattoo". How we laughed.
not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012

       That's funny.
blissmiss, May 06 2012

       ^ ditto   

       I heard of a skinhead in the UK who put his own tattoo on his forehead using a mirror. It said "SNIKS" and when people laughed at him he checked it in the mirror and couldn't figure what they were on about.
AusCan531, May 06 2012

UnaBubba, May 06 2012

       I heard this doesn't work, because one's resultant memory is a bit fuzzy.
Ling, May 06 2012


       [AusCan], wouldn't the 'S', 'N' and the 'K' be backwards, giving him a hint? Either that or it would look as though it was supposed to be a mirror-image.
TomP, May 06 2012

       Of course the letters looked backwards in the mirror. The guy wasn't stupid - duh! I heard it from someone who claimed to see it with her very own eyes (it was her friend's brother.)   

       Anyway, I don't write the rumours I just embellish them and pass them on.
AusCan531, May 06 2012

       //-Leaf shapes of various useful plants.//   

       Just use the leaves themselves?   

       Both more alluring and more efficient, since there's no need to wait for follicular regrowth.   

       Renaissance artists baked the fig leaf already.
Loris, May 06 2012

       I'm guessing [21Q] has a prescription for a Cannabis sativa tattoo?
UnaBubba, May 07 2012


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