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The Great Responsibility Index

A Yellow Pages like manual where you can see whose responsibility something is
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I would look up "flytipping" and find "council" and the council contact details.

I would lookup "personal litter" and find "personal".

I would lookup "littering" and find "council".

Under "lowering your taxes" it would list "your accountant"

If You indexed the book differently, with sections for each responsible owner, the section on personal responsibility would be enormous, more than anybody can keep in their head.

chronological, Jan 12 2021


       Everything is personal in the end.
pocmloc, Jan 12 2021

Voice, Jan 12 2021

       //I would lookup "personal litter" and find "personal"// - "personal litter" is a very odd phrase, but the fact that you're sticking the word 'personal' in it suggests you already know whose responsibility it is.

Also, what does 'responsibility' mean here? - //I would look up "flytipping" and find "council"// - arguably, flytippers are responsible for flytipping.
hippo, Jan 12 2021

       I like the gist, but fear you'll end up with a collection authored by people of different political persuasions. However, this in of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it would make a clear alternative to political advertising and campaigning. Each index could be cross referenced against all the others, with similarities all highlighted and summarised in one colour, and differences in another. It would be interesting to see if there were a subset of responsibilities that everyone agreed belonged with a single identified entity.   

       The other practical problem here would be to come up with a single naming/definition system for entities - while "council", "government" and "personal" might be valid for many, other editions might prefer "wimmins collectiv", "tribal elder" or "technomage" as units of delegative striation.
zen_tom, Jan 12 2021

       If you looked up "Responsibility Index" in the Responsibility Index who would you find was responsible?
xenzag, Jan 12 2021

       //Everything is personal in the end// - The Responsibility Index should be printed on mirror-finish paper
hippo, Jan 12 2021

       What [hippo] said.
8th of 7, Jan 12 2021

       Index as in finger?
pertinax, Jan 13 2021

       TIL mirror-finish paper exists.
Voice, Jan 13 2021

       Not personal, collective or shared.   

       The Great Responsibility Index of Help. "littering" gives neighbours, fellow public space users, council contractors, police. "household clutter" gives friends/family, Ebay, Rubbish collection, Psychologist.
wjt, Jan 14 2021

       //Everything is personal in the end//   

       For people like Perinax and myself, things are Perthonal.
AusCan531, Jan 18 2021



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