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Sprite Tours

Blue rockets, red sprites, white streamers and purple novas
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For the places where lightning is a constant darn near everyday occurance, like Florida, you can take this blimp up where they will fly around the nearest thunderhead and hang in the sky as you see spires of color shoot 50 miles high through large picturesque windows. Guests will also be treated to the scene of a thunderhead lighting up due to internal lightning. Sure to be a great dinner cruise experience.
sartep, Jun 07 2005

More info on sprites. http://www.fma-research.com/spriteres.htm
No not the creatures, cartoony bits or the soft drink. However, I do see a promotional tie-in from the soft drink. [sartep, Jun 07 2005]

"Oh, the lightning!" http://www.edwardsa...%208/hindenburg.jpg
[ldischler, Jun 07 2005]


       If it's safe, sign me up!
daseva, Jun 07 2005

       Surely the Cuban skies would be more enlightening.
mensmaximus, Jun 07 2005

       Yes, but then Daseva wouldn't go on it, come to think of it, nor would I. Oh yes that would be some nice fireworks directed at the craft.   

       Yes it is safe. You are in a craft that isn't grounded.
sartep, Jun 07 2005

       What if someone snuck a Wimshurst machine onboard though or communist propaganda and everyone read it and there was a mutiny and a forced landing in the big C?
mensmaximus, Jun 07 2005

       Or some Sierra Mist!!! *Gasp*
daseva, Jun 07 2005

       This idea's gonna fall like a lead zepplin.
daseva, Jun 07 2005

       Then again, with some Gattling guns mounted at the nose, tail and amidships; an attack could be held off for a while but like the attack on the Alamo; you know she's gonna fall eventually. The only way up from there is Stairway to Heaven.   

       It's 10 pm pacific time and the phantom 'bakery pirate galeon swoops across the China Sea about now.
mensmaximus, Jun 08 2005

       The hindenburg was not felled by lightning and the latest studies done show that the burning you see was from the flammable outer shell mostly.
sartep, Jun 08 2005

       Sounds like fun to me. Only I think it will be safe because an airplane is a cage of faraday, regardless of wether it is grounded or not.
zeno, Jun 08 2005


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