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Stationary hot air balloon-borne platforms

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This concept would be part of a theme park. Tethered hot air balloons have flames fed by natural gas pipes. The balloons suspend platforms and walkways. The flames in the balloons are triggered by a given walkway or platform dipping below a present level. The balloons are up above the walkways, high enough so that their flame does not pose a danger to people traversing the walkways, but close enough that the sound and light from the flames are easy to perceive.

The result: bouncy walkways - these would dip low if several people walked onto them then compensate and rise high. Such a platform would be attached to adjacent structures by a rope web, which might go down, be level, or go up to the adjacent platofrm depending on their relative heights.

There might also be elevator-like platforms on which the riders can trigger the attached balloon to lift or lower it.

bungston, Jul 22 2007


quantum_flux, Jul 22 2007

       A movie producer should use this idea!
gfundl, Jul 22 2007

       More than likely there would be coin slots on the elevator-like platforms for those who wish to go higher.   

       <automated attendant voice: "Please deposit 50 cents for each desired 10-foot increase in altitude">   

       If you try to deposit slugs the platform instantly tilts to vertical.   

       <aav: "I'm sorry, we are unable to accept your payment. Watch your step as you exit the platform, please."
Canuck, Jul 22 2007

       Complete balloonacy. This place would be almost as good as Diggerland.
wagster, Jul 23 2007

       (+) From me.   

       Hey, you should be able to make a non-stop rollercoaster.   

       Would they charge less if i provided my own natural gas? :(   

       + It sounds like something from one of those cool fantasy-japanese-animations.
twitch, Jul 24 2007

       Cool. Several balloons for multiple redundancy, since life safety is a concern. Interlace the rigging so there are no sudden-death areas. (+)
elhigh, Jul 30 2007

       It should be built somewhere rich in combustible natural gas, where the atmosphere would not be adversely affected by burning the fuel.
ed, Jul 30 2007

       litigator's wet dream. that being said, sounds fun! buns to you.
k_sra, Jul 30 2007

       [k_sra]! So nice to see you again.   

       [ed] what about those natural gas plumes that burn so brightly in Nigeria? The place could use some redecorating.
normzone, Jul 30 2007

       you see me all the time, [norm], but i know what you mean. : )   

       advertised as cloud walking if the platforms were see-through and the hot-air balloons white.
k_sra, Jul 31 2007


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