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Spy TP...

TP that disolves rapidly into its base elements when heated...
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TP that disolves rapidly into its base elements when heated... (toilet paper) that disolves rapidly into a powder when heated...

Imagine a type of material that has the feel and strength of normal TP but when it reaches a certain temp. (sewer temp?) like in the sewer which is pretty warm or maybe a heating tank and the city refuse tanks... maybe we could (I am no scientist here)... Combine the recycled paper with another bio-safe substance that melts at a certain degree of warmth...

The TP would rapidly disolve like how disapearing spy paper does when wet or how those new listerene sheets melt in your mouth after they warm up...

just wanted to end on a fresh note...

-UnaBubba, ROFLMAO!... I never thought about that... I am sure the melting point would be higher than 98.6 maybe over 120 or something...

-po, if that wasnt sarcastic, Its called "Spy TP" after the spy paper that instantly disolves when wet...

As for what purpose "Spy TP" would have... I am sure it would help the environment somehow? and surely help the retreatment facility that handles all the waste...

oxygon, Mar 13 2002


       why spy?
po, Mar 13 2002

       [UB] Well, not *your* arse anyway.
hippo, Mar 13 2002

       Was really hoping it was to catch the people that graffiti the public washrooms. Or maybe see who keeps putting the seat down. The bio paper we use in our RV already breaks down within days of getting wet.
rbl, Mar 13 2002

       It would be fun as a prank item, like the onion gum they sell in comic books (or used to, I don't see them much any more), if it was designed to melt away at body temperature. Specifically, between skin temperature and crap temperature.
What a nasty thought to be the victim!
miles, Mar 13 2002

       'Its called "Spy TP" after the spy paper that instantly disolves when wet... ' I thought spies eat the paper - they do in the movies I watch anyway. this dissolving paper is a new one on me.
po, Mar 13 2002

       Explosive paper like on inspector gadget might be more fun. Simply add a little magnesium into the fibers, and toss her in the stool. Watch out for methane flare-ups.
RayfordSteele, Mar 14 2002

       ships would have sets of secret codes for their transmissions on this special dissolving paper. They would throw it overboard whne the ship was captured. The problem with exploding TP is that the force of the explosion might cause a "crap shoot" out of the toilet. Yuk. fishbone.
dr_photon, Mar 17 2002

       Swab the poop deck me hearties.
brewmaster, Mar 18 2002


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