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Toilet Paper Combo Bar

TP dispenser and support bar in one
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This one's pretty simple.

Most people don't have clunky metal support bars in their bathroom, but businesses are required to have them.

To reduce their installation costs, sell them (or their contractor) a combo bar that takes care of TP and support. The TP rolls go ON the support bar and lock in place on a slight notch, and simply roll around the bar. New rolls are installed by simply sliding a sleeve-like section of the bar to the side, and swapping. Stability of the bar does not depend on hinges or latches, and so is never compromised.

napoleonbag, May 20 2008


       Or a TP dispenser designed to mount to a round bar. Most H/A restroom setups are custom one-offs and thus the position of the dispenser would need to be adaptable. This is a neat idea.
WcW, May 20 2008

       Solid, unless you clutch the tp instead of the bar, WHOOPS...no, I actually think this is a winner.
plynthe, May 21 2008


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