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Squared Rolls

an end to the Andrex puppy....
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how annoying is it to knock the toilet roll of the hanging arm style of holder & have to chase the damn thing across the bathroom. or worse, your at work & it disapears into the next stall or out under the door..

we need squared toilet rolls. Not with hard 90 corners, but squared enough so the damn things cannot roll. This would also be natural reducer of the amount used (as you cannot build up a good spinning speed) & it would reduce costs as the squared rolls could be better packed together for distribution.

The round roll has had its day.

mymus, Apr 08 2002

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       Agree but, in the interim, just give the current round toilet paper a squeeze so that their shape is oblong. They'll still fit on the tp holder thingy and they wont roll off when you knock them to the floor.
bristolz, Apr 08 2002

       thats what i did the other day & was the seed for the idea. having them squared prior to shipping would allow them to be packed tighter together = big savings for large retailers.
mymus, Apr 08 2002

       That's not a problem, seeing as you pay for the fresh air in there.
angel, Apr 08 2002

       As long as the inside of the tube remains cylindrical so that the tp can be easily dispensed without prematurely breaking.
bristolz, Apr 08 2002

       Many cats would lose their one form of exercise. (Spinning the roll so that all the t.p. rolls off). Would it really be worth the increase in feline death rates?
Graciem, Apr 08 2002

       Graciem, the additional effort in turned a squared roll = more exercise for moggies. though not sure even fitter cats is a good thing.
mymus, Apr 08 2002

       *places patent*
sbEr_X, Feb 12 2004

       I disagree...I want polished and ported rolls, capable of breaking current records. And offroad rolls, with lifted suspension, for camping.
normzone, Feb 12 2004


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