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Squeaky car mat

Passenger side brake alert
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I want a floor mat that squeaks annoyingly when nervous passengers hit the imaginary break. It might stop them from doing it and distracting the driver with their constant flinching - a safety feature. Or it may make the driver slow down - again another safety feature.
mat, Nov 13 2003


       a) tell your passengers to sit in the back; b) drive more carefully. (I completely fail to see how a squeaky floor mat is any less distracting than a flinching passenger.)
DrCurry, Nov 13 2003

       Passenger controls that mimic the sounds of engine knocking/spluttering might be more effective in convincing the driver to slow down.
phundug, Nov 13 2003

       Can I tell you, [buddha_pest], that I was 150 pages into Douglas Adams' "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" before I figured out that "boot" meant "trunk"?
Overpanic, Nov 14 2003

       Hey. Whad'Ido? I'm fed up of people walking all over me.
squeak, Nov 14 2003

       likewise a squeaky seat which alerts the driver when the passenger is gripping onto it for dear life (like my Wife does).   

       [DrCurry] - re point (b) - some passengers, especially those who can not drive themselves appear to assign a disproportionatly high risk-assessment technique to the observation of the car's approach to obstacles in front (like my Wife does).
dobtabulous, Nov 14 2003

       dobtabulous: heck, I grip the dashboard and other points when my wife's doing the driving. I just don't think that having it squeak would help matters any.
DrCurry, Nov 14 2003

       A good passenger I do not make...hmmmm.

(+) for trying, but I think this idea needs another solution (-). I'll stand on the fence till you think of one.
silverstormer, Nov 14 2003


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