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Similar to "Dead Trucker's Handle"
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I thought of this idea myself, and found "Dead Trucker's Handle" doing a search for prior art. There are some similarities, but some differences as well.

The Sleeper-Saver is intended to help prevent accidents caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. It is similar in function to the idea mentioned above (which I think is a great idea!), with some key differences. For one thing, it is not limited to trucks. This can be installed in any vehicle.

Rather than simply have a dead-man switch in the steering wheel, the Sleeper-Saver has a device which monitors the driver's eyes. If the eyes are closed for longer than a pre-set length of time, the steering wheel locks in place, the cruise control (if being used) is turned off, the brakes are applied until the vehicle comes to a stop, and the vehicle's hazard lights are activated.

The driver is woken up with a shrill, high-pitched alarm and an automated voice intructs him/her to pull the vehicle to the side of the road. At that point, a 5 minute timer is activated. Once the timer reaches zero, the engine is deactivated for 2 hours, preventing the driver from blundering on and endangering other motorists and giving the driver 2 hours with nothing to do but rest.

In the event that the driver absolutely *must* start the vehicle before the 2 hours is up (say, somebody is trying to hijack him/her) a manual override switch may be flipped, staring the vehicle but activating a GPS beacon and alerting the police.

21 Quest, Jul 08 2007

the handle http://www.halfbake...rucker_27s_20Handle
[normzone, Jul 08 2007]


       There is a device I saw on some show that works on either heart rate or brane waves, I forget which, and gives the driver a little shock.
marklar, Jul 09 2007


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