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Squid art.

Living kalidoscope
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1)Pack thousands of baby squid into a large thin glass aquarium with a reflective back and sides to make the illusion that there is many more squid than there actually is.

2)Watch the squid communicate by colour changes and school together and squirt ink when feeling threatened by people looking at them though the glass.

3)Think about it for 30 seconds take a photo and move to the next exhibit.

Gulherme, Jun 11 2003


       The stimulating visual and socio-cultural attainments that are assumed to exhibit the finest and highest accomplishments of a given society or culture of squid have rendered the tank utterly dark as infinite inkiness.
thumbwax, Jun 11 2003

       Not v. kind to the squid though. They are free swimming cephalopods which often retreat to deep, dark water. I really don't think they'd survive the stress of being crammed in a brightly lit, small tank.   

       Cuttlebone for you.
squeak, Jun 11 2003


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