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The Big Bang Theories

A collection of all the big bangs ever simulated
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As soon as a science documentary mentions the words "Big Bang", you know they are about to show a computer animation of some loud, bright thing exploding with rays of light going in every direction.

This art exhibit is simply a collection of all such animations ever produced.

Watch as the primitive black-and-white big bangs of the 1950's evolve into sophisticated multicolor spectra. Maybe we'll even be able to predict our own future astronomical theories by studying the changes in the animations from the past through today.

Thank you.

phundug, Feb 28 2012

Let me google this for you http://www.lmgtfy.c...=big+bang+animation
big bang animation [pashute, Apr 08 2014]


       You're welcome.
Alterother, Feb 28 2012

       hmmmmm, you got me thinking about a big suck now.
po, Feb 28 2012

       [+] very good (BOOM bun)
xandram, Feb 28 2012

       Ear plugs available for purchase in the lobby.
phundug, Feb 28 2012

       <random>Does anybody else think the Big Bang Theory is a terrible TV show?</r>
DIYMatt, Feb 28 2012

       It has its moments of good and its moments of bad. They seem to pronounce the names of all of the physicists they reference correctly, so at least there's that.   

       Plus, truth be told, I have known quite a few people like Sheldon Cooper.
shapu, Feb 28 2012

       Makes me laugh more than most shows. The Amy character cracks me up.   

       I like the history of animation idea. I'd like to wrap up the display with a freshly-commissioned animation done by the best advisors and animators, then run the loop again. I've a pet peeve against the animators on the science-ish channels that I get on my TV--they don't really seem to listen to their own narrator--and I'd like to see an accurate animation in the show.   

       Speaking of shows, The Big Bang Theory is far better than most sitcoms, I think. At least the first four seasons were--I'm not getting the current run. There seems to be a backlash by nerd-snobs who think it isn't good enough or nerdy enough. It's a TV show, for Thor's sake.
baconbrain, Feb 28 2012

       //Maybe we'll even be able to predict our own future astronomical theories by studying the changes in the animations from the past through today.//   

       So you can make a theory about what future theories might be? Kind of like the old Dilbert joke about a golfing video game. "You're going to play a simulation of an activity that is almost a sport?"
Psalm_97, Feb 29 2012

       And what about the before the big bang theories? Can't your science documentary show these too? The infinitely boring steady state. The slightly more exciting turtle ride. The turtle on a turtle, and the turtle on a turtle on a turtle. And the truly breathtaking, it's-turtles-all-the-way-down theory.
ldischler, Feb 29 2012

       I think that just after the explosion is shown, Sheldon's face should be vaguely visible.   

       To be honest, I don't really care for the show.   

       Nerd-snobs are the best, aren't they?
RayfordSteele, Feb 29 2012

       Don't forget the elephants-on-turtle theory, which is not so much a theory as a metaphysical fact.
Alterother, Feb 29 2012

       This could be done in a youtube video, and might better confer the chronologic / evolutionary sense.
bungston, Feb 29 2012

       This exhibit can also be repurposed as an exhibit about supernovae, gamma ray bursts, etc.
phundug, Mar 06 2012

       I baked it according to your specification. Hope it helps. Seal ink.
pashute, Apr 08 2014


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