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Stability high heels

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High heels are relentlessly popular, despite their impracticality as shoes. It is the aesthetics of the shoe, the wearer and the cultural package. But balancing on a tiny little stick: it is not good! Is there no way to improve stability but retain the tiny little stick of a heel and the rest of the package?

Stability heels incorporate a flat platform onto the tip of the heel, spreading weight and improving stability. It also decreases the likelihood of catching the heel in a crack or hole and breaking it off.

Stability high heels can be purchased, or the platform is available as an add on to subtly (subtly!) retrofit your favorite heels.

bungston, Apr 28 2010

Crescent Shape Heel http://media.redgal...m/sq/273/007764.jpg
I have often thought that high heels designed with a crescent shaped heel present a pleasing profile yet probably give a woman a little extra stability at the rear. ( Not sure if I like this particular example, though.) [jurist, Apr 28 2010]


       I feel like a heel for saying this but wouldn't the flat plaform on the end of a tiny stick act like the head of nail and catch on things itself?
Aristotle, Apr 28 2010

       You can say that again.
swimswim, Apr 28 2010

       two little wheels behind each heel would be quite cute.
po, Apr 28 2010

       We are concerned that "stable" high heels could significantly detract from the enjoyment derived from many genres of action/adventure /thriller/horror movies. If the Hero's romantic interest can easily outrun the lumbering threat, and fails to twist her ankle and then scream photogenically at her approaching nemesis, some new and even less credible plot device will have to be developed.
8th of 7, Apr 28 2010

       That's true, Daleks are waaay smarter than most Blondes ...
8th of 7, Apr 28 2010

       //two little wheels behind each heel would be quite cute.// ...But, then, would a woman wearing footwear so outfitted be described as having *round heels*? There's a tradeoff there, even if it would be easier to tip her stiff body backwards and cart her around town.
jurist, Apr 28 2010

       like two segways? heh!
po, Apr 29 2010


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