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high heel cartridges
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Some of my lady friends really like wearing stiletto heels, but they wear down quickly and are constantly having to be left in for re- heeling.

Stiletto-matics solves this tiresome problem, using the simple, proven principal of the propelling pencil or Pritt-stick.

The Stiletto-matic is a compact, cartridge style unit that contains a thin rod of durable heel material. The whole unit is installed in the heel of the shoe, and can be extended by turning a discrete adjuster. This causes the tip of the heel to protrude further, in the same way as twisting a lip-stick reveals a bit more colour.

In future, each time the heel wears down, a half turn of the calibrated nut will extrude another few millimetres of fresh material.

xenzag, Mar 05 2007


       Go go gadget hooker!
daseva, Mar 06 2007


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