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buzzer prank humane spurs
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Here in NZ, an advert has caused hyped controversy about a fashion shoot using rodeo. At a quick glance, it was unclear whether the model was wearing spurs.

This got me thinking that feather spurs might be idea. This was quickly squashed by negatives. But is a humane spur possible and even one that caused pleasure to the animal?

My mind thought of the old hand buzzer prank which would be ideally humane. Adaption of the rotating mechanism could yield a skin massaging type spur that might actually be pleasurable to the animal.

I don't recommend rushing out and taping neck massage devices to the heels of you riding boots as a lot of science type stuff has to be done.

wjt, Oct 22 2014


       Are horses ticklish?
hippo, Oct 22 2014

       Yes. They can feel flies landing on their hide.   

       There are several sorts of spur. Most have just a small, blunt projection about 10mm long.   

       Historically, spurs used by cavalry did have sharp rowells, capable of inflicting serious pain and injury. They are probably now illegal in most jurisdictions.
8th of 7, Oct 22 2014

       //They can feel flies landing on their hide.// You shouldn't be doing that near a horse.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 23 2014

       I'm pretty sure I've heard of rodeo folks goosing bucking animals out of the chute in this manner, but it's hardly WKTE.
normzone, Oct 23 2014

       The only problem with pleasure is that the sensation will numbify not what is needed at a rodeo., sorry tv peck entry is a bit rough.
wjt, Oct 24 2014

       ^ gnomic
not_morrison_rm, Oct 24 2014


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