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Stackable, Modular trailer homes

defunct lifestyle, i think not
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i propose a fully designed fully integratable system of trailers that can be interconected to form the domicile of your dreams. you could start of small with one trailer and as you got money you could connect two trailers. each trailer would be designed so that utlities are loacted in one spot so when another trailer is placed on top the utilities simply plug right onto one another. the floors and walls would be sectioned so you could choose to put in a stair case or take out a wall to make a walkway. all the weight load would be on the walls opening up interior space. when you have that 8th kid you have been dreaming of you can simply place the new room ontop of the last. the double wide aint got nuttin on this one
10clock, Apr 23 2005

Almost entirely, but not quite, unlike... Modular_20Homes
[ato_de, Apr 23 2005]

Habitat '67 http://www.imiuru.c...ages/Habitat67.html
Not trailers, Not cheap, But It's one of my favorite buildings [Zimmy, Apr 24 2005]

(?) iespell http://www.iespell.com/
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       Do these trailors go on the road, all stacked up? You will run foul of overhead power lines and low bridges.
neelandan, Apr 23 2005

       I like it! Buy your first module and add on later like the ISS. Bedroom modules, bathroom modules, green-house modules all connected by common hookups to a hub or stacked.
ato_de, Apr 23 2005

       I saw a low-cost housing scheme in London (England)somewhere made from standard shipping containers.
[10clock] You may want to consider the use of < br > to break up your posting. Capital letters look good too.
coprocephalous, Apr 23 2005

       Will they attract tornados just as easily?
Giblet, Apr 23 2005

       I've been thinking about a similar concept for a while now. I figure you could buy the land and the efficiency module first (one room + bath).
When circumstances permit, you can open up the catalog & have an addition dropped off & installed.
Using trailers never crossed my mind though. They would be less costly.
Zimmy, Apr 24 2005

       exactly this would be in the spirit of mobile homes. you could order a modual to be an open free space or a walled off space. either way they would be cost efficiant economical singal family housing units
10clock, Apr 24 2005

       {IT] I interpreted it as "mo' dual", as an exhortation to driving instructors.
TolpuddleSartre, Apr 24 2005

       I saw something on This Old Home a few years ago. It was a series of 10'X10' sections that could be stuck together in any fashion to create a house. For example, a living room could be 10'X10', or 10'X20' or 20'X20', etc. All of the electrical and plumbing mated to each other 10' square section, so it was plug 'n play as far as construction is concerned. And the majority of the parts were recycled heavy duty plastic-type material. They estimated the cost of an average 2000sf house would have been in the $40,000 range. But I don't remember the name of the manufacturer or anything, and I'm much too tired and lazy to try to search for it on the net.
natewill, Apr 24 2005

       i had this exact dream a few years ago (yes i do remember my dreams from ages ago, thank you for asking)
andrew1, Apr 26 2005

       [admin: changed spelling in title. 'Modual' (as far as I can tell) is not a word. 'Modular', on the other hand, is a word and makes sense in context so I'll change it to that. It'll helps people to find the idea if it's spelled correctly.]
st3f, Apr 26 2005


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