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Snow Dome Home

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This house is a replica of a snow dome. The huge glass enclosure is filled with water, snow shaped particles and has a cheery backdrop, behind your real sized house, with the name of your town - or signage of your choice -in big, bright 20ft letters.

The house must be completely sealed to stop water on the carpets, but the view is quite lovely. Entry is from an underground passage where air vents, electricity and cable television lines are fed.

On special occasions, especially when grandmother or grandfather come round for lunch and are just about to eat their soup, someone should press the special button. At this time, giant hydraulic arms beneath the dome shake in a rythmical fashion to agitate the snow particles in the water outside the house.

If this is impossible, then the arms may be replaced with water jets that give the same swirling snow like effect. The soup can be easily wiped from about their chins and laps and you can then sit in the viewing room on the top floor holding hands until the snow settles.

benfrost, Dec 14 2004

Snow Dome Hat snow_20dome_20hat
by jess27. [calum, Dec 14 2004]


       Smash fashion fascism and celebrate the infinite nature of fractals by coming in out of a snowstorm, to your snow dome home, keeping your snow dome hat (link) on.
calum, Dec 14 2004


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