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Staged Mutiny Cruise

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A cruise, wherein a mutiny is staged, for the enjoyment of suspecting or unsuspecting paying passengers. Available in a variety of nautical flavours including 17th Century Piratical, Vichy France Caribbean Tramp Steamer smuggler, and, for the egocentric, Under Siege.
calum, Aug 07 2006

The Game movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119174/
Kinda like this [nvrewo, Aug 11 2006]

IMDB: April Fool's Day (1986) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090655/
[angel, Aug 11 2006]


       Could the more absurdists people get it in "Deep Rising" or "Virus" flavor? Might take a bit more makeup, but it'd be well worth the effort if done well.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 07 2006

       I'll think about adding this twist to my "Santa Cruise" idea. Could be fun to see the high-pitched elfin waitstaff turn on the line officers and run amok.
jurist, Aug 07 2006

       Didn't they do this in the West End, with David Essex and Sinitta?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 07 2006

       If I'm gonna pay for this, I want to be on the looting and rapine side of things - where's my eye patch and cutlass?!
DrCurry, Aug 07 2006

       How a bout a staged Shipwreck Cruise. Then perhaps we can finally once and for all determine the validity of the phrase, I wouldnt even if We were stuck on a deserted island...
jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006

       Or the cruise could start off being run by 17th century pirates and everyone could rise up and mutiny to assert their 18th century Enlightenment values, sweeping away the anarchy and superstition of pirate life with the shining lights of rationalism, ethics and logic. Hurrah! A victory for intellectualism and reason!
hippo, Aug 07 2006

       Only to be immediately ousted by a vicious gang of 19th century Victorians who will impose mandatory 5pm tea time, collar-to-toe dress for women and the belt for anyone who uses the lord's name in vain.
wagster, Aug 07 2006

       Staged Shipwreck Cruise*   



       *tickets non-refundable
jellydoughnut, Aug 11 2006

       you'd have to tell the people on this cruise what was going on, because the last thing that you need is some competent anti- pirate guy wreaking havoc on the staff of the cruise.   

       "alright, everybody stay where you are and, wait, what are you doing? put down the chair please sir. please don't push me over the railing. aaaaaah!"
tcarson, Aug 11 2006

       "Oceanic flight 815 for Los Angeles now boarding."
angel, Aug 11 2006

       Reminds me of that movie "The Game"
nvrewo, Aug 11 2006

       Bit like "April Fool's Day" too.
angel, Aug 11 2006


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