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Stalker sound

Oh how I wish I could afford somthing like this
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A lot of people these days have a "home entertainment system" which is basically a stereo, tv, dvd, dolby and playstation or some variant all wired up together to create one totally wired up package that all inter connects with each other, but this usually only exists in one room.

Many people have speakers that are throughout their house connected to a main stereo so they can hear their favourite tunes in more than one room.

Stalker sound is sound that follows you around the house, say your watching a game on t.v and you need to use your non splashing toilet real bad, you can leave the room with the t.v, walk down the hall, up the stairs and into the bathroom and the sound will follow you so you don't miss a second.

Stalker sound works by having a "home entertainment system" wired though out your whole house with speakers in every room, the person using stalker wears some sort of tiny tracking device that is picked up by the speakers when it gets less than a certain distance away (dimensions can be altered depending on average room size) The tracking device is also a small remote control that you can use to change the station on the radio/tv or cycle though your cd or mp3 tracks.

The added bonus of having dolby in every room is that if in a movie your watching there is a *thump* upstairs on screen there is a thump upstairs in your house.

Gulherme, Oct 12 2002

Bill Gates' house http://www.techtv.c...330,3355198,00.html
"When you're in the house, music of your choice can follow you throughout, even to the bottom of the pool." [IVnick8or, Oct 12 2002]


       Bill Gates has this in his house, it is alledged, almost exactly as you describe, including a little badge that a visitor pins on to track their location. Further, it "dims" the audio in the immediate area around where it "hears" conversation so that people don't have to speak over the music that's been following them around.   

       But, who knows if it's for real . . . just hearsay.
bristolz, Oct 12 2002

       Oh that would be right, me and bill went to school together you know, we were best friends, then one day I had this great idea for a software company, we were going to be partners, but then bill.............. turned evil. HIS SELFISHNESS LED TO MY RUIN ARRGGHHHH THE PAIN.
Gulherme, Oct 12 2002

       bristolz, doesn't Gate's house computer (Big Bro?) also change the virtual large canvas art gallery to that of his guests preferences continuously like a slide show?
How fun to make portraiture eyes ocassionally follow or better yet gesture along in conversations with company.

       <Mona Lisa eyes gesture: " I seriously doubt it!">

       Gulherme, I like your quirky idea even though it's near baked, but I won't tell. Reminds me of an old "Bone Phone" worn around the neck with speakers toward the inside.
hollajam, Oct 12 2002

       Just think, with a voice activated P.C. hooked in to this system, you could halfbake from the bath tub.   

       Ooooooooh Baby, what are you wearing?
thumbwax, Oct 12 2002

       I like the last paragraph, but what if you live in a bungalow? Or if your home theatre has a 20 foot ceiling and therefore no upstairs?   

       Even better, make a holographic kind of thing inside a perfectly circular black room so that you would really be inside the movie. Then the thump would come from upstairs.   

       And, finally, have some of the audience members murdered at random in a horror flick.   

       DISCLAIMER: We at ReaLife Incorporated ("ReaLife") take no legal responsibility for the untimely death or injury of any of our patrons, be it by accident, negligence, or Horror Film Murderer?.   

       I, the undersigned, agree to the above terms and absolve ReaLife of any legal responsibility. I understand that I am giving up the right to seek financial compensation should I be injured, disabled or killed in a Virtua-Theater? owned by ReaLife, Inc.   

       X --------------------------   

       Date ----------
Macwarrior, Feb 10 2003

       Its a good idea, but do you really want your TV following you into the toilet?
andrew1, Sep 27 2005

       Darn. I thought this was a device that could be attached to your stalker indicating when they've come within 500 ft. ...like a bell on a cat.   

       + anyway.
Zuzu, Nov 02 2005


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