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Stutton Bickers

Stickers giving visual cues to black-on-black buttons
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Designers of home electronics gear seem to be fixated on that black-on-black color scheme. Together with a reluctance to clearly label buttons, this makes for a confusing choice in dim light or when incapacitated by passion or inebriation. Stutton Bickers are big color- and shape-coded stickers you apply to buttons on your home gizmos, thus ending dim-light button confusion. For example, a sharp green right-pointing triangle means "play" on both the CD player and the VCR. Similarly, red squares indicate stop and so forth. Bickers can be embossed with different textures for tactile feedback, and might even glow in the dark.

P.S. Sorry about the the nupid stame. Alternative suggestions welcomed.

rmutt, Sep 06 2000


       stick with the name rmutt. (although i think it's been done before)
FrancoCoylioni, Sep 27 2000

       can't believe my mother baked you with paper, fat red marker, scissors, and tape. if you ask her nicely she'd probably make you a set.
gnormal, Feb 14 2001


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