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thought controlled usb stick

advanced usb stick for thoughts to control certain actions on pc
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this usb stick will have some sort of wires tuned like a radio.

each for different frequencies.

it is based off of the brain patterns and info recorded from eeg headsets and understanding of subtle magnetic fields.

how our own body reacts and thoughts influence patterns and vibration of energy of electric in wire connectors.

using some piezoelectric crystal as well.

pressure/weight scaled in the micrograms/microggs

add functionality like a gyro and ball mice/ball pad.

north east south west directions and turning

then included sensors for wifi/area of radio signal spread out.

I have seen a video about this, how they set up their invention to be able to see wifi radiation on camera, kinda like heat monitor.

temperature etc.

each wire/sensor will be turned to a specific freq range. it will also include mic parts

maybe it doesn't need that.

however this won't be accurate, it would be very chaotic if it was.

it will need a test phase.

phase 1, stability/cailbrate sensors.

phase 2. input commands like that from scratch coding logic gates.

phase 3. prune incorrect answers and functions, set criteria and answer questions

phase 4. give task,give examples, give genre, give solutions

phase 5. let cohost/adviser connect to program for remote viewing.

there you have it, this program can used to create art, to stop anything bad from happening, the cohost will review pictures first to determine if it is harmful and nsfw in anyway.

this program may very well be a bad idea, even if successful.

the first stages of project would be very hard to watch and sort through, it could possibly bypass all filters with colour offsets.

to stop that from happening, there needs to be some sort of inspection program.

might not even work.

only progress can tell.

soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

Direct EEG Control https://www.japanti...aves-control-asimo/
Note the very generic sorts of thoughts. [MechE, Dec 02 2021]

https://www.halfbakery.com/user/beanangel [xenzag, Dec 06 2021]


       In other words: Magical [see help file] "the ability to read minds (just make your device an implant)"
xenzag, Dec 02 2021

       oh btw, it will not be an implant, and it is not for mind reading.
soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

       Well the descriptor says it uses thoughts to control actions. If that's not mind reading what is it?
xenzag, Dec 02 2021

       a very accurate guided device to guide for ideas and complete tasks from thoughts.   

       stuff you want to be completed, thought directed control. without using hand/mostly anyways.   

       it cannot read thoughts but it can create outputs similar to ai dungeon.
soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

       So, it's theoretically possible to train a device to respond to a specific thought sequence as read on an EEG. It is not currently possible to isolate those signals noticeably farther away from the body, or even in with the body and receivers in a physically different configuration. This inability is because the signals only differ in location and strength, not wavelength.   

       And even that sort of deliberate EEG trigger has significant problems with false positives, since it doesn't have the level of specificity that would be needed for anything significant.
MechE, Dec 02 2021

       Management gets tetchy when we post ideas involving magic. Terry Pratchett was given a waiver because he was, well, Terry Pratchett but the rest of us must stick to physics and, like, gravity and all.   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery!
whatrock, Dec 02 2021

       //phase 1, stability/cailbrate sensors//
That's all very well, then oops! You moved your head by 0.038mm. Needs to be recalibrated.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 02 2021

       Halfbakery standards have changed a lot. At one time this idea would have been boned into oblivion.
xenzag, Dec 02 2021

       He's new and I don't want to boo him out of the building before I can get my knife around to his back.
Voice, Dec 02 2021

       Well, they haven't committed a capital offense yet.
Literally; they haven't used any capitals.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 02 2021

       I propose USB stick controlled thoughts
pocmloc, Dec 02 2021

       //phase 1, stability/cailbrate sensors// //That's all very well, then oops! You moved your head by 0.038mm. Needs to be recalibrated. — neutrinos_shadow// well it will have added multilayers for calibration, could also use exoskeleton/restraints.
soniiiety, Dec 03 2021

       there are offsets and onsets, and trigger areas, setpoints,lockpoints, anchors, transpose area, super position, quantum mechanics
soniiiety, Dec 03 2021

       That is true, in the sense that those things exist.   

       Would you like to explain how you propose to use them in your invention?
pertinax, Dec 03 2021

       oh [treon]... we love your incomprehensible ass.   

       // oh [treon]... we love your incomprehensible ass. — 2 fries shy of a happy meal//   

       who is treon?   

       also pertinax it might be too hard, i can only explain what it has and can do, and complicated words.
soniiiety, Dec 03 2021

       its half baked after all.
soniiiety, Dec 03 2021

       This is definitely not treon. He was incomprehensible but had a level of detail that included the incomprehensible bits.   

       Don't let these guys get to you too much, son. Just read some more stuff and have some with it. What you have here isn't even quite half-baked, it's more of a random pile of ingredients and a picture in a Betty Crocker book that you're pointing to and saying 'doesn't that look delicious, I'll bet it has flour and eggs in it somewhere' but aren't sure where to start.
RayfordSteele, Dec 03 2021

       What he ^ said.   

       Sorry Treon was decades ago. He had... strange writing habits. He... evolved and became other halfbakers at other times. He was welcomed.   

       If you're original, you'll be welcomed here as well.   

       Everyone gets a chance to become Treon if they stay here long enough.
xenzag, Dec 04 2021

       Does Treon have discord? I am very interesting in talking with them, I would like to experiment and to have a experience that will be a good memory, hopefully.   

       also yeah, the usb can also be modified using english words and a translator, can use mechanics from games into code to create a new definition for the usb stick.
soniiiety, Dec 06 2021

       Look them up. They're on the halfbakery. See last link..... you'll be busy....
xenzag, Dec 06 2021


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