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Stall Usage Counter

Tracking the number of butts that have sat down...
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How about a counter on the door of each stall? This way, you can see that 421 people have used stall #2, but only 320 have used stall #4.

These counters could be reset to zero (only with a key) by the janitor, after cleaning the stalls.

lewarcher, Sep 04 2001

Least recently used cubicle indicator http://www.halfbake...cubicle_20indicator
Half-baked [phoenix, Sep 04 2001]


       There's no guarantee that the least-used stall will be the nicest (if that's even what you're after). It could simply be horribly soiled. Perhaps the most-used one is the cleanest and best stocked and thus the most used...
snarfyguy, Sep 05 2001

       I think what would be more fun is if you have to swipe an ATM card in order to get in. When you swipe it, it pushes up the shite counter, contacts a database, and looks at who you are. On the inside of the door, a flat LCD screen displays a complete list of the people who have used the stall.   

       "Ooh look, Alan Greenspan just shat here. It took him 4 1/2 minutes. Good for him."
sdm, Sep 05 2001


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