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Would you like a latte with your Levi's?
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They're everywhere already, so let's just arrange that each "Starbucks" has to operate out of the same retail space as a "Gap." This would reduce the retail space occupied by these corporate viruses by 50%. Also, since they'd both operate from the same place they'd be that much easier to find--or to avoid. . . .
deacon, Jun 08 2001


       baked in canada. every chapters bookstore has a starbucks in it so that patrons can rest during their oh-so-tiring walk through the store and enjoy a fine cup of brew, and maybe a nice biscotti too.
mihali, Jun 08 2001

       Been done- the Barnes/Noble and Starbucks liaison.
dragonette, Aug 10 2001

       10 outta 10 to Rods Tiger He heeeee!!!!!
valkyroo, Aug 18 2001

       All major bookstores (in Canada) are actually one big company, given different signs and put close together to give the appearance of competition. Chapters can keep Starbucks, Coles can take Tim Horton's, And Smithbooks can have the dregs - Krispy Kreme.
Turbolich, Nov 20 2001

       //Also, since they'd both operate from the same place they'd be that much easier to find--or to avoid. . . .//   

       ... or demonstrate outside. I'll croissant this idea simply out of a sullen and petulant (and fairly irrational) dislike for those particular companies. Ironic that Starbucks should be inside book stores abroad, when in Glasgow, the Byres Road branch of John Smith & Son (oldest bookshop in Scotland) got closed down and turned into... yup, a Starbucks. Harrumph.   

       And what's with them nicking the name of the cool character from Mormons In Space - I mean, Battlestar Galactica - anyway?
Guy Fox, Nov 20 2001


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