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The $99 Store

Rodeo Drive's Discount Shopping
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Hollywood's Rodeo Drive, the world's most prestige shopping district now has discount shopping for bargain hunters. Everything in the store is $99 dollars or less!
TheShovel, Nov 27 2000


       That might be a good idea--if i hadn't just opened the $98 dollar store.
Danzig626, Dec 13 2000


       Blue Collar Joe hits pay-day, and he's never got more than a hundred bucks or so left over by the time he's paid his bills and set aside money to feed the family. He lives from check to check like most Americans.   

       He's used to going into one store or another and not even looking at most aisles and sections. He can't even bear looking at the price tags on most things.   

       Suddenly he can go one place and see a thousand different big-ticket items that are all within his reach.
snowfox, Dec 13 2000


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