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The shoes come to you, ladies
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Women like to shop for shoes. Why not turn it into a fun group event. Kind of like a girls-night-out, but much more tame.

Women come in groups and are seated in booths with benches for 3-8 people and small footstools and/or tables.

One wall of the room is covered with shelves that are actually conveyor belts. Pairs of shoes in the appropriate sizes are on the shelves. Women can try them on, talk, chat, laugh. The conveyers continue to bring more shoes at an adjustable speed.

To make it more fun. An LCD TV screen shows videos of shoes, "Sex in the city", oprah, etc. A barcode scanner can customize the video content to the shoes at hand: trivia games ask the women which movie actress would most likely wear the shoe, what kind of man would most likely be attracted to that shoe, which outfit goes best with it, fashion trivia, etc.

If desired, the conveyers also are stocked with occasional glasses of wine, one-bite servings of cheesecake, or even sex toys.

0xdeadc0de, Jul 06 2004


       you don't know many women, do you?
xclamp, Jul 06 2004

po, Jul 06 2004

       Shoe comes in beauty, like the night. Not like Tupperware.
lostdog, Jul 06 2004

       Oh dear. Shoes, girls-night-out, shoes, Oprah (Oprah ferchrissakes?!), shoes, sexnthcity, chatting, shoes, cheesecake, celebs, attracting men, shoes, clothes, fashion trivia (?!), sex toys, shoes and cliches.   

       And what's with the *occasional* glasses of wine and *bite-sized* bits of cake.   

       You clearly don't know the same kind of women that I do.
squeak, Jul 07 2004


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