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and Starina
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See linked picture for Starman and Starina characters made by using 5 curves. Starman will be the first completely computer- and (wisdom-of-crowds -type-online-decision -making system)--generated comic. A computer can come up with the graphics of the next Starman and Starina frame and a wisdom-of-crowds--type system like the ESP game (link) can come up with the plot line. Ok it would probably take a long time to get going, but stuff like this would be possible.
JesusHChrist, Oct 01 2006

Starman and Starina http://www.drawingb...ad_e/id_s/9642.html
[JesusHChrist, Oct 01 2006]

(?) The ESP Game http://www.espgame.org/
wisdom-of-crowds--type game where crowds make decisions better than individuals. [JesusHChrist, Oct 01 2006]

Wisdom of Crowds http://en.wikipedia...he_Wisdom_of_Crowds
[JesusHChrist, Oct 01 2006]


       I notice one of them is waving a condom around [JHaroldC] - if you want them to propogate, you'd better confiscate that.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 01 2006


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