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The Old One

If you have read already, please do not comment.
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Super Nick is a good person with super powers that he acquired after an encounter with an exploding nuclear spider. Macho Tom is a mutant whose powers were discovered when he was one year old. He killed his own mother and is fighting crime to atone for this horrible sin.

Super Nick is on a different mission. He is caught in a peculiar time warp which defines his mission to become a world famous 80's pedophile.

The first villian they encounter is Jeminge the Monkey. Jeminge has banana cannons, and is very crap. He has a sidekick known as Transformer.

Macho Tom dies in the first issue and is brought back to life by Super Nick's hair (one of his super powers). In a rather sardonic, if anti-climactic bit of irony, Jeminge and Transformer die of cancer several years later (cf. War of the Worlds).

The next super villian they encounter is their arch-nemesis; Cardboard Box Johnny. After their first battle in which SN and MT lose (because that always happens in the comics), and after his character has nicely developed because the two have tangled with him on numerous occasions, he would gain the prestige of having a sidekick; Rubber Johnny. He is a clone, but not any old clone; he is rubber.

The damsel in distress is Lauretta who gets kidnapped. Cardboard Box Johnny intends to turn her into a carbonite statue (cf. Han Solo). The two heroes defeat Cardboard Box Johnny and his sidekick and rescue her. After the battle, Cardboard Box Johnny decides to turn good. Lauretta has fun with Super Nick, Macho Tom does the same with Johnny.

The End.

This is an old idea that I reproduced and added to HB. GlobalTorniquet altered the original idea getting rid of several spelling mistakes. Anything that would make this script better, please add.

Thomasunde, Feb 20 2008


       Notice, please, how in my own play with the flame of dark irony, I retained the very engrish-sounding "and is very crap" (new readers shall be informed that the text provided here has been copied from the output generated by my free-of-charge pedantic corrective services from the original grammar-challenged glubberish).   

       This I did because I so liked the turn of phrase. Yes, I took a liberty, but the irony of it is delicious.
globaltourniquet, Feb 20 2008

       Well If you are through patting your self on the back [global], how about giving the boy a bun. and one for global...there's a good fellow.
dentworth, Feb 20 2008

       There was some chance that I might have read this before? A quick scan revealed it so unreadable that I don't think I have really read even now. What inspired this fever dream? Did you eat some moldy grain?
WcW, Feb 21 2008


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