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Stealth Shovel Shoes

"Just dig it"
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Stealth Shovel Shoes have a flip-out section of the sole - shaped like a shovel face, and attached to the heel of the shoe.

Simply click the shovel into place, and step down, then raise and twist your foot to tip the dirt off. The shovel is attached to the heel so you can use your full weight to dig in.

These are the perfect shoes for anyone who wants to dig stealthily. Why not buy a pair to go with KooKoo's (or JT's) metal-detecting shoes? Wear one of these on one foot, one of those on the other, and you can find *and* dig for treasure without fear of being detected!

Other target markets include gardeners who don't like bending down and grave-robbers.

imaginality, Sep 11 2006

metal detector metal_20detector
KooKoo's idea for metal-detecting shoes [imaginality, Sep 11 2006]

Metal-Detecting Shoes Metal_20Detecting_20Shoes
Looks like JT was first with that idea, though it was KooKoo's that inspired this when I 'random'ed it [imaginality, Sep 11 2006]

We'll borrow this design http://www.getatrowel.co.uk/shop_whs.html
Seeing as how it's regarded as being excellent for archaeology [imaginality, Sep 11 2006]

Shovel Shoe http://oakley.ca/o/o1680d
Not the same thing at all [imaginality, Sep 11 2006]

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